Test Drive Declaration and Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms apply to the test driving of vehicles during any event hosted by Motability Operations Limited in 2023.
  2. All test drives are subject to availability. Motability Operations Limited will endeavour to provide a driver with a vehicle of their choice; however, this may not always be possible. No charge is made for the test drives.
  3. All test drivers will be accompanied by a professional driver supplied by Rapiergroup
  4. To qualify for a test drive, the driver must have a full UK driving licence and have no more than either:

    - 3 (three) penalty points, which may have been accrued for any conviction; OR
    - 6 (six) penalty points in any one, or combination, or the following conviction categories: o Speeding (SP)
    - Construction and Use Offences (CU)
    - Pedestrian Crossing (PC)
    - Traffic Signs/Directions (TS)

    Any penalty points or endorsements over and above those listed above will not be permitted and the driver will be unable to complete a test drive. Any endorsements with a conviction date of more than 5 (five) years’ old will not be counted. The test driver must produce the photocard part of their valid driving licence to the driving instructor and sign the Test Drive Declaration Form prior to any test drive taking place.
  5. The acceptance of a driver for a test drive is at the absolute discretion of the driving instructor, Motability Operations Limited or DHL Supply Chain Limited, who all reserve the right to refuse a test drive for any reason
  6. Insurance for the test drive vehicles will be provided by Motability Operations Limited for one driver (subject to clause 4 above). The insurance excludes speed testing, pacemaking or competitive driving
  7. Any property left or carried in the vehicle during the test drive is at the test driver’s own risk. Test drivers must ensure that they remove any personal belongings from the vehicle at the end of the test drive, as Motability Operations Limited nor DHL Supply Chain Limited will be held liable for any damage.
  8. The test driver will be responsible for payment of any fixed penalty fines incurred during the test drive, for example, speeding fines.

Additional support

If you have any questions or require additional support ahead of your Test Drive, please contact us below.

If you have any questions about the Motability Scheme, please click here to visit the Scheme website.